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Visit of the Seal Station in Warnemünde

location of the harbour seal research facility
location of the harbour seal research facility

The harbour seal research facility of the University of Rostock is located in the marina 'Hohe Düne' in Warnemünde directly at the east mole of the estuary of the Warnow river. A large net structure surrounds the 60 by 30 meters large enclosure. With these dimensions and a water depth of 6 meters, it is the world's largest seal research facility.

For this research centre a former river passenger ship was converted into a floating institute that offers all the facilities and equipment for the research like offices, workshops, laboratories, camps and a dwelling.

So this is the perfect environment for biologists, physicists, psychologists and veterinarians of the University of Rostock, who are studying the sense of direction and related mechanism of marine mammals.
In various studies they investigate which sensory systems harbour seals have, how they process incoming information, and how they orient themselves in their natural environment. This way, even information channels not known to date are discovered in the sea and its inhabitants.

Visitors may watch the various experiments during the course of the day from the sun deck, which is 53 meters in length. They experience many interesting details over handling the animals, their way of life as well as the research work, which is not affected by this audience in any way.

For further information, please visit the web page of the harbour seal research facility (Marine Science Center).


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